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Reporter Owned By Sled Play Video

Reporter Owned By Sled 84 months ago

Some Canadian Global news reporter thinks the bottom of a sledding hill is ...

Urban Soccer Is A Fun Sport Play Video

Urban Soccer Is A Fun Sport 84 months ago

Urban Soccer is a hilarious new sport that I hope really catches on. Some F...

Steak & BJ Day Play Video

Steak & BJ Day 84 months ago

Tomorrow, March 14th is officially Steak & BJ day also known as Valentine's...

Showoff Biker Wipes Out Play Video

Showoff Biker Wipes Out 84 months ago

Some Harley dude is trying to show off for a crowd of people until he loses...

Bro Search Play Video

Bro Search 84 months ago

Finding a Bro can take a lifetime. Girlfriends are a dime a dozen but a goo...

Break Gallery CLXXX Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXX 84 months ago

Break Gallery #180!!! Time to break the internet bank for pics peoples, bec...

Sunday Afternoon Play Video

Sunday Afternoon 84 months ago

Another hilarious skit song about the average chores done on a Sunday after...

Human Bagpipes Play Video

Human Bagpipes 84 months ago

A couple of soldiers or cops perform the human bagpipe. I want these with m...

Dont Mess With Moose Play Video

Dont Mess With Moose 84 months ago

This moose apparently doesn't want to be bothered right now.

Shamu Owns Trainer Play Video

Shamu Owns Trainer 84 months ago

Shamu the famous killer whale owns his trainer during their Sea World routi...

How To Escape Handcuffs Play Video

How To Escape Handcuffs 84 months ago

This guy shows how to easily bust out of handcuffs with one of three househ...

Hey There Khalila Play Video

Hey There Khalila 84 months ago

This is a parody of the song Hey There Delilah. I honestly thought it was ...

Death Metal Puppy Play Video

Death Metal Puppy 84 months ago

This puppy dog loves thrashing to death metal. And dont even think about pu...

One Cop vs 25 Stoners Play Video

One Cop vs 25 Stoners 84 months ago

This is footage from last years 420 celebration at Fort Lewis college in Du...