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What Is Drugs? Play Video

What Is Drugs?

50 months ago 138,385 21

This man took police on a high-speed chase, all while high on drugs. When p...

Joe Rogan Destroys Heckler Play Video

Joe Rogan Destroys Heckler

50 months ago 76,654 155

Classic Joe Rogan clip from back in 2008 has been making its rounds on the ...

Detained For Open Carry Play Video

Detained For Open Carry

50 months ago 126,858 2

All that knowledge and yet somehow still managed to never learn how to film...

Bad Timing Rope Jump Play Video

Bad Timing Rope Jump

50 months ago 76,157 136

It's a little more fun to see a stunt fail because of human failure than me...

Milk Challenge Fail Play Video

Milk Challenge Fail

50 months ago 21,792 1

In this video three young geniuses challenge each other to see who can chug...

Pikachu On Acid Play Video

Pikachu On Acid

50 months ago 81,931 6

What's the only thing better than watching anime sober? Watching anime on a...

13 Bad Ideas for Dinner View Gallery

13 Bad Ideas for Dinner

50 months ago 4,655 41,265

Half of a good meal is just the visual appeal of the whole thing. So there...

Learn Photoshop In 6 Minutes Play Video

Learn Photoshop In 6 Minutes

50 months ago 30,275 3

If you pay very close attention you can learn how to be awesome at Photosho...

Kids Troll Dad Play Video

Kids Troll Dad

50 months ago 55,932 13

This might just be the most patient parent on the planet.

It's All About Perspective Play Video

It's All About Perspective

50 months ago 131,683 5

A first person puzzler that looks like a 2D game, but you manipulate it usi...


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