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Kitty Cat Goes Bowling Play Video

Kitty Cat Goes Bowling

58 months ago 147,683 1

This kitty cat has a thing for lasers. His owner decided to use that fact f...

Drunk Man Eats Napkin Play Video

Drunk Man Eats Napkin

58 months ago 87,490 1,218

Nothing like ham, eggs, and a napkin to soak up the liquor after a long nig...

Monkeys Pants Man On Beach Play Video

Monkeys Pants Man On Beach

58 months ago 192,487 1

All those months training the monkeys to do this.... He should've had them ...

Chick Hits Ankle With Axe Play Video

Chick Hits Ankle With Axe

58 months ago 196,829 118

There is a reason they are called "Lumberjacks" and not "Lumberjills"!

Do Da Urkel Dance Play Video

Do Da Urkel Dance

58 months ago 260,491 12

Congratulations, kid. Being shaped like a beach ball and doing the Urkel Da...

Monkey Bars 360 Fail Play Video

Monkey Bars 360 Fail

58 months ago 110,564 1,850

A failed 360 attempt leaves one kid in pain. Did the accident at the end hu...


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