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Bird Vs Baseball Play Video

Bird Vs Baseball 102 months ago

At a minor league baseball game in Buffalo a Seagull got caught in the line...

Fire Cracker Alarm Clock Play Video

Fire Cracker Alarm Clock 102 months ago

This guy has been studying all week for his last final which is at 8am tomo...

Al-Zarqawi Had A Bad Day Play Video

Al-Zarqawi Had A Bad Day 102 months ago

As most of your heard this morning terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi ha...

Dont You Laugh Play Video

Dont You Laugh 102 months ago

This is crazy. Its a game show where the players observe other Japanese me...

Hungry Little Fish Play Video

Hungry Little Fish 102 months ago

What are the odds of this one. Two guys are both fishing close to eachothe...

Cheating Wife Play Video

Cheating Wife 102 months ago

Well, here is a good start to a marriage. At the wedding a security camera...

PC Vs Mac Spoof Play Video

PC Vs Mac Spoof 102 months ago

Great spoof of those Mac VS. PC commercials that have been airing lately.

Nobody Likes Traffic Play Video

Nobody Likes Traffic 102 months ago

Some local news channel gets pranked when a couple kids steal the standard ...

Referee Gets Knocked Out Play Video

Referee Gets Knocked Out 102 months ago

A referee tries to break up a boxing match and as he pushes on of the boxer...

Multiple Girl Cat Fight Play Video

Multiple Girl Cat Fight 102 months ago

What starts out as a fight between two girls turns into an all out brawl be...

Game Master Play Video

Game Master 102 months ago

Alright, I give this dude credit. He probably spent hundreds and hundreds ...

Risky Shot Play Video

Risky Shot 102 months ago

This guy lays down on the ground and lets his buddy drive a golf ball off h...

Happy Little Kid Play Video

Happy Little Kid 102 months ago

This video is hilarious. The kid must be one of the happiest babies I have...

Skier Eats It Hard Play Video

Skier Eats It Hard 102 months ago

Getting dragged on skis by a snowmobile seems like a really good idea right...

Missed Hockey Goal Play Video

Missed Hockey Goal 102 months ago

A Hockey player has a fast break with a wide open goal and somehow is able ...

Cycling Pile Up Play Video

Cycling Pile Up 102 months ago

Crash at a national road race in Arkansas. One newbie gets scared and takes...