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Guitar Swing Gone Wrong Play Video

Guitar Swing Gone Wrong 31 months ago

Lead guitarist comes up with a brand new way to play the air guitar.

Your Monday Morning Pick-Up Play Video

Your Monday Morning Pick-Up 31 months ago

It's Monday. You're back to work. The weekend is forever from now. What do ...

Fire Spitting Fail Play Video

Fire Spitting Fail 31 months ago

Ladies and gentlemen, we present a human oddity. No, not the man who is abl...

"That Was Not A Countdown!" Play Video

"That Was Not A Countdown!" 31 months ago

A marine is upset by the lack of a countdown on his Slingshot ride. When it...

Woman Driver Vs Dash Cam Play Video

Woman Driver Vs Dash Cam 31 months ago

I love how this chick jumps out of her car pumping her fist then quickly ch...