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Stars, Stripes, Ladies View Gallery

Stars, Stripes, Ladies

50 months ago 19,687 1

The red, white, and blue of Old Glory is a beautiful sight. But, it's a lot...

Preventor: Anti-Fireworks PSA Play Video

Preventor: Anti-Fireworks PSA

50 months ago 10,538 73

Tomorrow a lot of you will be celebrating the birth of our nation. There wi...

Meanwhile, In Russia... View Gallery

Meanwhile, In Russia...

50 months ago 3,998 40,565

Since tomorrow's a holiday we thought we'd give you your weekly fix of Russ...

Blonde Australian Burglar Play Video

Blonde Australian Burglar

50 months ago 72,552 1

This buxom blonde burglar is bordering on bursting blouse buttons with burg...

Dive Bombing Monkeys Play Video

Dive Bombing Monkeys

50 months ago 47,322 1

At least these monkeys have figured out a way to keep cool during this insa...

Base Jumping Goes Wrong Play Video

Base Jumping Goes Wrong

50 months ago 184,456 15

Back in March 2011, 28 year old Ivan jumped off a 400 ft power line and sla...

When Fireworks Go Wrong Play Video

When Fireworks Go Wrong

50 months ago 93,516 4

One more day until the Fourth of July! As much fun as blowing off firework...

Minecraft Blocks IRL Play Video

Minecraft Blocks IRL

50 months ago 42,768 1

Excuse us, where can we send our money to right now?


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