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Didgeridoo Techno Play Video

Didgeridoo Techno

56 months ago 134,980 46

This dude kicks a techno-sounding song using a didgeridoo. Not pictured: 60...

World's Luckiest Tennis Shot? Play Video

World's Luckiest Tennis Shot?

56 months ago 215,240 2

Kim Clijsters hits this incredibly lucky shot during the 2011 French open t...

Failed Stage Dive Play Video

Failed Stage Dive

56 months ago 100,441 214

The crowd convinced this dude they were on board to catch him but as soon a...

Bruno Plays Dead Play Video

Bruno Plays Dead

56 months ago 112,304 4

A lot of dogs know how to play dead but nobody does it as good as this dog....

This Guy Deserves A Raise Play Video

This Guy Deserves A Raise

56 months ago 180,186 3

I don't know how much these guys make an hour but this dude definitely isn'...

How To Ice Fish In Russia Play Video

How To Ice Fish In Russia

56 months ago 204,177 24

This dude pulls a massive fish through a hole in the ice. Other things that...


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