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Huge B-Day Cake Party Foul Play Video

Huge B-Day Cake Party Foul

71 months ago 98,720 9

Does smashing a cake into your friend's face count as a psych-out in beer p...

Cop Avoids Death By One Inch Play Video

Cop Avoids Death By One Inch

71 months ago 252,534 4

A 500lb tire falls off a semi and races down the highway at over 60mph clip...

Young Boxer Knocked Out Cold Play Video

Young Boxer Knocked Out Cold

71 months ago 154,663 29

Two young boxers duke it out in this insane video. After a little quick st...

I'm On A Ship Play Video

I'm On A Ship

71 months ago 122,495 1

Step aside Andy Samberg...this ship is real.

Google It! Play Video

Google It!

71 months ago 139,731 1

Man bands aren’t that different from boy bands. They both blow. The Goods: ...

Break Gallery CCCXVI Play Video

Break Gallery CCCXVI

Break Gallery 316 is loaded with some of the webs most hilarious pictures t...

World's Most Disgusting Drink Play Video

World's Most Disgusting Drink

72 months ago 110,626 140

These marines used a community spit cup for their chew for over an hour the...

Cheerleader Gets Knocked Out Play Video

Cheerleader Gets Knocked Out

72 months ago 378,323 3

During a high school rally a cheerleader turns around only to get kicked in...


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