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Kid Can't Hide From Mom Play Video

Kid Can't Hide From Mom

53 months ago 139,173 5

Puberty was already tough enough for this kid without have a mother who cou...

Kids Really Hate Class Play Video

Kids Really Hate Class

53 months ago 63,944 8

I don't know what book these Russian kids are reading, but it is really, re...

ATM Robbery Fail Play Video

ATM Robbery Fail

53 months ago 178,350 5

I wonder what they realized first during the getaway. Was it nobody decide...

Surfing The Morning Glory Play Video

Surfing The Morning Glory

53 months ago 83,738 5

The town of Burketown in Australia attracts thousands of people per year to...

Movies of 2011: Supercut Play Video

Movies of 2011: Supercut

53 months ago 47,545 154

It's been a great year for movies. Here is an awesome supercut highlight so...

Motorcycle Crash Compilation Play Video

Motorcycle Crash Compilation

53 months ago 77,600 1

If you can learn anything from this video, it's that, when driving a motorc...

A Trillion FPS Camera Play Video

A Trillion FPS Camera

53 months ago 106,509 4

Scientists in MIT's Medialab created a camera capable of shooting 1 Trillio...

Surprise Kick To The Face Play Video

Surprise Kick To The Face

53 months ago 164,950 3

The only thing worse than having a roommate that constantly sings in the sh...

23 And 1/2 Hours Play Video

23 And 1/2 Hours

53 months ago 75,514 2

This clip is kinda long, but if you're into preventive medicine it's intere...


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