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Mr. Newt’s Wild, Awful Ride Play Video

Mr. Newt’s Wild, Awful Ride

48 months ago 38,762 229

Yo frog, I heard you like to eat newts so we fed you this newt that another...

NFL Match-Up: Week Seven View Gallery

NFL Match-Up: Week Seven

48 months ago 13,269 1

Does your favorite NFL team have the best female representative? Vote here!

Stick Shift Stick Up Play Video

Stick Shift Stick Up

48 months ago 88,636 7

After this failed he tried to call a cab but the nearest phone was rotary s...

Blank Bullet Scare Prank Play Video

Blank Bullet Scare Prank

48 months ago 346,110 21

The most effective means of protecting yourself from gunshots is to yell "S...

10 Breakfasts of Champions View Gallery

10 Breakfasts of Champions

48 months ago 2,483 1

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you better mak...


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