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2012's Big Game Commercials Play Video

2012's Big Game Commercials 31 months ago

The big game is over, and the Giants are your new champions. Now you can ca...

Girl Ruins Guys' Table Dance Play Video

Girl Ruins Guys' Table Dance 31 months ago

Three guys are hanging out, dancing on a table, when a girl comes along and...

The Karate Rap Play Video

The Karate Rap 31 months ago

It's 1986. Karate is big, and rap is becoming popular. It made sense to com...

Best Freudian Slip Ever Play Video

Best Freudian Slip Ever 31 months ago

Have two female news anchors report on an upcoming sausage festival and the...

Breakdancer Breaks Arm Play Video

Breakdancer Breaks Arm 31 months ago

New Rule: There is nothing ironic about breaking a limb while breakdancing.