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  Daft Swanson Play Video

Daft Swanson

50 months ago 24,954

Listen. Watch. Be happy. Repeat forever.

Nascar Tire Change POV Play Video

Nascar Tire Change POV

50 months ago 36,935

Fire and a tire change? Is that safe? Nascar wouldn't do something not safe...

The Cats Suck Supercut Play Video

The Cats Suck Supercut

50 months ago 51,937

Sure they purr and look cute 10% of the time, the rest of the time this is ...

I Don't Like Pickles Play Video

I Don't Like Pickles

50 months ago 25,076

Little boy wants to be sure that he really doesnt like pickles.

Fun With Electricity Play Video

Fun With Electricity

50 months ago 36,047

No one can resist the allure of touching a horribly painful security fence


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