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Top Fireworks Fails Play Video

Top Fireworks Fails

Here are 13 classic fireworks fails because you can never get enough of a g...

China's Best Dance Crew Play Video

China's Best Dance Crew

56 months ago 262,606 108

China has over a billion people, all of whom are embarrassed by the dancing...

Superhuman Card Packing Play Video

Superhuman Card Packing

56 months ago 163,498 4

"Hey, do you want to see a card trick?" "No, that's my freaking job."

Poker Face Pug Play Video

Poker Face Pug

56 months ago 130,574 2

This dog's mean mug is awesome. In his head he's saying "Now, go make me a ...

Planker Falls Off Bridge Play Video

Planker Falls Off Bridge

56 months ago 144,381 1,005

Kid gets pushed off the side of a bridge while showing off his planking ski...

Cartoon Fails! Play Video

Cartoon Fails!

56 months ago 261,832 284

This Summer your favorite cartoons are getting F'ed up on Break. Check out ...

Crazy Double Backflip Win Play Video

Crazy Double Backflip Win

56 months ago 221,312 4

This parkour kid doesn't seem to understand that impressing people with acr...

Potato Gun Javelin Nut Shot Play Video

Potato Gun Javelin Nut Shot

56 months ago 83,699 3

This kid takes a jab to his speedbags from a javelin topped off with a boxi...


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