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Failed Jump Off Dock Play Video

Failed Jump Off Dock

50 months ago 56,190 1

The dude in the background could not have reacted any less to this wipeout.

Insane Minor League Catch Play Video

Insane Minor League Catch

50 months ago 52,506 3

Minor Leaguer climbs the wall in center field, misses the ball with his glo...

Elephant Sneak Attack Play Video

Elephant Sneak Attack

50 months ago 58,119 4

An elephant gets within just a couple of feet of taking out a minivan on a ...

People Are Awesome III Play Video

People Are Awesome III

50 months ago 57,791 9

Another amazing compilation of the most insane stunts pulled off in the las...

12 Real Life Superheroes View Gallery

12 Real Life Superheroes

50 months ago 6,269 41,265

While Comic Con draws its share of cosplayers, turns out there are people o...

Guard Rail Hits Dash Cam Play Video

Guard Rail Hits Dash Cam

50 months ago 46,318 60

This car is hundreds of feet away from an accident, yet still gets its wind...

Woman Vs. Parking Gate Play Video

Woman Vs. Parking Gate

50 months ago 45,827 2

She seems like she is doing something suspicious, this is probably just kar...

Jason's Summer Vacation View Gallery

Jason's Summer Vacation

50 months ago 5,273 2

Jason is usually busy killing kids at summer camps. But when he gets the fr...

Was It Luck Or Was It Skill? Play Video

Was It Luck Or Was It Skill?

50 months ago 90,599 3

Friday the 13th is considered to be one of the most unlucky days of the yea...


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