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How To Steal Beer Play Video

How To Steal Beer

53 months ago 88,328 2

Better get out your Thighmaster and get to work.

People Are Awesome 2 Play Video

People Are Awesome 2

53 months ago 143,551 14

People can do some pretty amazing things, and this great compilation of stu...

How Not to Save a Cat Play Video

How Not to Save a Cat

53 months ago 84,532 1

It was really sweet that these people took their time and effort to help th...

Kindness Is A Boomerang Play Video

Kindness Is A Boomerang

53 months ago 196,685 145

A simple act of kindness ripples its way through the streets of a city.

Army Fire Truck Prank Play Video

Army Fire Truck Prank

53 months ago 81,626 3

They really should've waited until after the soap party to rinse him off.

Snow-Drifting Tank Play Video

Snow-Drifting Tank

53 months ago 65,155 2

It's like that Fast and the Furious movie, except the tank is a better acto...

Snow On The Asphalt Blooper Play Video

Snow On The Asphalt Blooper

53 months ago 47,893 60

For the rest of this news reporter's lifetime, snow will stick on the 'road...

Baby Thinks He Can Fly Play Video

Baby Thinks He Can Fly

53 months ago 58,797 3

I hope someone taught that baby to pretend to land.

Can't Stop The Head Bang Play Video

Can't Stop The Head Bang

53 months ago 131,941 15

These guys roll up on a guy banging his head to techno music in a strip mal...

Golden Retriever Loves Guitar Play Video

Golden Retriever Loves Guitar

53 months ago 105,296 46

This dog loves guitar, but he prefers to keep it acoustic and chill. It's a...


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