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Hitler Gangnam Style Play Video

Hitler Gangnam Style

49 months ago 107,502 62

Not a lot of people know that during the 40’s Hitler was establishing K Pop...

Tourette's Karaoke Play Video

Tourette's Karaoke

49 months ago 87,681 165

Wasn’t this sampled by Lil Jon?

12 Mind Blowing Illusions View Gallery

12 Mind Blowing Illusions

49 months ago 19,380 13

They're not tricks, Michael. Tricks are what whores do for money. They're...

Mr. Wizard's (Still) a Dick Play Video

Mr. Wizard's (Still) a Dick

49 months ago 75,562 263

Working with kids really brings the dick out in you. Wait, that doesn't sou...

Insanity: Lego Edition Play Video

Insanity: Lego Edition

49 months ago 153,938 16

It’s tiring just watching this, building it must have been a real kick in t...

12 Dancing Fools View Gallery

12 Dancing Fools

49 months ago 5,876 41,565

There's a certain freedom to dancing. Even if you're not good at it, if yo...

Tailwind: Nature’s D-Bag Play Video

Tailwind: Nature’s D-Bag

49 months ago 50,034 19

It’s good to have a friend who lets you know why you screwed up after you d...

"Chicken" Owned By "Pigs" Play Video

"Chicken" Owned By "Pigs"

49 months ago 44,734 3

This guy was angry about his ticket, so he decided to pay the police with d...

When Animals Attack! Play Videos

When Animals Attack!

49 months ago 1,505 1

We all love animals, theyre either furry, cute, funny, playful, so ugly you...

That's Just Not That Sexy View Gallery

That's Just Not That Sexy

49 months ago 244,096 1

We get what you're trying to do, ladies. And in other circumstances, maybe ...


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