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Puppy Passed Out Drunk Play Video

Puppy Passed Out Drunk

72 months ago 119,589 165

You don't need a tiger, Mike Tyson, and roofies to get a hangover. A sixer ...

Grandma Has Hilarious Snore Play Video

Grandma Has Hilarious Snore

72 months ago 117,439 1

This lady is either dreaming of a) her Cadillac's flooded engine, or b) Don...

Break Gallery CCCIV Play Video

Break Gallery CCCIV

72 months ago 22 0

This Break Gallery is guaranteed to contain awesome pics that will keep you...

Skills of the Modern Man Play Video

Skills of the Modern Man

72 months ago 5 0

Learn interesting skills from one of the best teachers in the world...just ...

Funny Croatian TV Show Fight Play Video

Funny Croatian TV Show Fight

72 months ago 207,545 2

No one screams 'Jerry! Jerry!' on this talk show, but the little guy's blow...

Flying Beer Pong Slam Dunk Play Video

Flying Beer Pong Slam Dunk

72 months ago 183,859 159

I believe he can fly, but he probably won't be able to stay dry. Or sober.

Popcorn in Super Slow Motion Play Video

Popcorn in Super Slow Motion

72 months ago 321,851 3

Man, why's this taking so long to pop? I'm hungry...oh, right, this is as f...

Armenia's Got Talent Play Video

Armenia's Got Talent

72 months ago 271,593 3

With the incredible success of Britain's Got Talent Armenia tried a spin of...

Cameraman Taken Out By Truck Play Video

Cameraman Taken Out By Truck

72 months ago 159,237 126

Here is an old classic that's been passed around quite a bit recently. A c...

Cat Attacks Rottweiler Play Video

Cat Attacks Rottweiler

72 months ago 898,349 49

Here is something you don't see everyday. Out of nowhere a cat decides to ...

Break Gallery CCCIII Play Video

Break Gallery CCCIII

72 months ago 67 0

Break gallery CCCIII is guaranteed to get you over hump day. Enjoy!


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