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And Suddenly, A Horse Play Video

And Suddenly, A Horse

49 months ago 40,771 2

We wonder if people in Russia are just accustomed to all this weirdness or ...

When Bikini Pics Get Ruined View Gallery

When Bikini Pics Get Ruined

49 months ago 66,374 6

Bikinis are neat. We like looking at girls in them. But sometimes, there is...

Amazing Russian Workout Girls Play Video

Amazing Russian Workout Girls

49 months ago 106,982 6

Not sure if these two are going to be at the Olympics, but they'll probably...

What's Your Emergency? Play Video

What's Your Emergency?

49 months ago 31,394 110

When an off duty police officer dials 911 for an accidental overdose, thing...

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets Play Video

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

49 months ago 81,666 5

Justin Bieber, Snooki, Katie Perry, Kristen Stewart, and other celebrities ...

13 People from the Bus View Gallery

13 People from the Bus

49 months ago 10,655 41,565

Ahh, public transportation. Is there anything more delightful?

Epic Ball Pump Prank Play Video

Epic Ball Pump Prank

49 months ago 83,199 15

Seems like a reach to us for a cop to threaten them with the charge of 'Imp...

The View From The ISS Play Video

The View From The ISS

49 months ago 2,183,252 26

Pretty crazy how bright and colorful our planet is from space. This might b...

Meanwhile, in Russia... View Gallery

Meanwhile, in Russia...

49 months ago 11,008 1

This week Russia shows us what you can do with bears, ladies in Parliament ...

This Will Blow Your Mind Play Video

This Will Blow Your Mind

49 months ago 114,233 34

Not sure anyone will have the patience to actually make this thing, but the...

Brutal Rugby Hit Play Video

Brutal Rugby Hit

49 months ago 93,344 7

Guys will argue that football has the toughest athletes in the world until ...

Total Recall Exclusive Clip Play Video

Total Recall Exclusive Clip

49 months ago 34,891 12

It's been over 20 years since the original and on Friday, August 3rd the re...


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