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Crazy Chicks Attack Reporter Play Video

Crazy Chicks Attack Reporter

71 months ago 203,604 29

This just in: drinking to excess often makes women do irrational, embarrass...

Huge Rally Crash Play Video

Huge Rally Crash

71 months ago 207,542 123

A crowd of rally fans rush to assist a driver when another car pummels into...

Firework Accident Play Video

Firework Accident

71 months ago 161,577 70

The most famous last words spoke on the Fourth of July are probably 'I thin...

Break Gallery CCCIX Play Video

Break Gallery CCCIX

71 months ago 21 0

Break Gallery 309 is loaded with pictures that are sure to keep you laughin...

July 8th 2009 aka 7-8-9 Play Video

July 8th 2009 aka 7-8-9

71 months ago 65,615 82

If you are an insomniac (or meth addict) you might have been awake this mor...

Dirt Bikes Play Video

Dirt Bikes

71 months ago 537,078 5

Safety rule number one: don’t let moms ride dirt bikes. Mom should have pai...

Biker Slams Into Bus Play Video

Biker Slams Into Bus

71 months ago 183,035 15

A biker can't hit the brakes fast enough and slams into the back of a bus a...

Neighbor Trash Prank Play Video

Neighbor Trash Prank

71 months ago 350,811 2

This guy gets back at his neighbor for reporting him to the cops for shooti...

Accidental Knock Out Play Video

Accidental Knock Out

71 months ago 246,355 12

It was a really good seat up until he was knocked out cold.

Fishing With Dynamite Play Video

Fishing With Dynamite

71 months ago 335,994 7

I never realized that this would actually work. These guys toss just a lit...

Worst Birthday Ever Play Video

Worst Birthday Ever

71 months ago 205,882 1

Be careful what you wish for when you blow out the candles...your thoughts ...


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