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Man Walks Past Exploding Car Play Video

Man Walks Past Exploding Car

70 months ago 195,130 113

If you look close enough the man who walked within 15 feet of this car befo...

Cheerleader Falls Face First Play Video

Cheerleader Falls Face First

70 months ago 206,127 70

The two girls in the middle looked pretty bad when they couldn't perform th...

Insane New Dunk Play Video

Insane New Dunk

70 months ago 315,743 1

Guy Dupuy jumps over a teammate and goes between his legs in a never attemp...

Save the Girls: Best PSA Ever Play Video

Save the Girls: Best PSA Ever

70 months ago 851,870 9

Absolutely the best commercial. The girl in the white bikini is Aliya Jasmi...

Break Gallery CCCXXVIII Play Video

Break Gallery CCCXXVIII

Break Gallery 328 contains a recipe for mid-week slump reversal: confusion,...

Girls Prefer Dry Guys Play Video

Girls Prefer Dry Guys

Surprisingly, girls don't like getting sprayed in the face. Act accordingly...


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