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  The Cashew Cootie Caper Play Video

The Cashew Cootie Caper

48 months ago 100,394 5

Hey, does your girlfriend hate bugs? Why not harass her mercilessly with t...

Trust Game: Russian Style Play Video

Trust Game: Russian Style

48 months ago 50,460 151

He hesitates for so long up there it’s almost like he knew this was going t...

10 Girls with Mohawks View Gallery

10 Girls with Mohawks

48 months ago 13,490 1

Traditionally members of the Iroquois nation plucked their hair out to mock...

Tank Topples Toward Crowd Play Video

Tank Topples Toward Crowd

48 months ago 127,067 20

Looks like the war effort is going to take a lot more effort.

NFL Match-Up: Week Five View Gallery

NFL Match-Up: Week Five

48 months ago 4,207 3

We need your help! Vote left or right to determine which lady represents th...

Insane Dodgeball Ninja Kill Play Video

Insane Dodgeball Ninja Kill

48 months ago 105,242 42

This is the difference between thinking you have ninja skills and knowing y...


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