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Lingerie Football Fight Play Video

Lingerie Football Fight

Reaffirming God's existence in the universe, two teams from the Lingerie Fo...

Keely Hazel Play Video

Keely Hazel

Recipe for a perfect woman: 1 part model good looks, 2 parts perfectly prop...

Women In Labor Supercut Play Video

Women In Labor Supercut

If you're like me, you're still wondering where babies come from. According...

Flip From Roof Onto Trash Can Play Video

Flip From Roof Onto Trash Can

58 months ago 1,362,436 1,519

Don't worry, kid; we all fall short of our goals in life. Most of us just a...

Russian Police Arrest Fail Play Video

Russian Police Arrest Fail

58 months ago 215,806 1

Look, they had a choice to make. New police van or handcuffs and locks. I s...

Insanely Cool iPhone App Play Video

Insanely Cool iPhone App

58 months ago 165,565 3

This really is nothing more than an advertisement for an iPhone application...

Dirt Bike Fail Ticket Play Video

Dirt Bike Fail Ticket

58 months ago 143,952 3

So apparently it's against the law to ride your dirt bike on the highway bu...

Milk Vs Man On Roller Coaster Play Video

Milk Vs Man On Roller Coaster

58 months ago 108,601 56

There are two constants in Japanese television. #1 Sony. #2 Deep and powerf...

Top 10 Pranks of 2010 Play Video

Top 10 Pranks of 2010

We closed out the decade with a year of awesome pranks. Here are the ten be...

Turkish Knife Dance Play Video

Turkish Knife Dance

58 months ago 203,693 8

In Turkey, dance-offs are dangerous business, not something you should just...

Girlfriend Pranks Play Video

Girlfriend Pranks

Girlfriend Pranks are practical jokes that someone plays on their girlfrien...

Zipline Bungee Fail Play Video

Zipline Bungee Fail

58 months ago 128,019 81

Really, the only benefit to combining a bungee jump and a zipline is that y...


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