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World's Largest Firework Play Video

World's Largest Firework

68 months ago 393,551 1

This is a short video of what is supposedly the largest firework ever launc...

Base Jumping In Switzerland Play Video

Base Jumping In Switzerland

68 months ago 130,864 560

These guys film themselves during a ten day vacation in Switzerland base ju...

High Speed Face Smash Play Video

High Speed Face Smash

68 months ago 161,882 183

These guys race big wheels down a hillside and one of the loses control and...

Wake Up Prank Door Fail Play Video

Wake Up Prank Door Fail

68 months ago 335,532 111

He pranks his friend successfully, but he could use some help on his exit.

10 Sexy Sports MILFs Over 40 Play Video

10 Sexy Sports MILFs Over 40

68 months ago 1,028 3

As we all know, MILFs are like fine wine: they just get better with age. Un...

Break Gallery CCCXXXV Play Video

Break Gallery CCCXXXV

68 months ago 22 0

Break Gallery 335! Two chicks kickbox in bikinis, a daredevil jumps over ba...

Most Awesome Couple Pranks Play Video

Most Awesome Couple Pranks

68 months ago 11 3

Many couples try new things to keep a relationship spicy, but with this cou...

Cat Backflips Onto Pole Play Video

Cat Backflips Onto Pole

68 months ago 188,460 176

I think the cat was more surprised than anyone else that he pulled off the ...


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