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Sheep Gets Revenge Play Video

Sheep Gets Revenge

53 months ago 203,301 8

Hey, little girl. Go ahead and taunt that sheep. Make fun of it and hit it ...

Most Amazing Pole Dance Ever Play Video

Most Amazing Pole Dance Ever

53 months ago 304,195 21

A pole dancing instructor demonstrates amazing control with moves so smooth...

Jamie Oliver Talks Dirty Play Video

Jamie Oliver Talks Dirty

53 months ago 154,056 9

This is a great mashup that dices and minces Jamie Oliver clips to make it ...

This Cat Has Talent Play Video

This Cat Has Talent

53 months ago 114,564 381

Animal of the Day: Hey, Ikea. You know how you've spent years building tabl...

Awesome Mom: Caprisun Bong Play Video

Awesome Mom: Caprisun Bong

53 months ago 153,815 3

Shortly after this, the adults thought it'd be funny have the kid snort a l...

Russian Road Rage Play Video

Russian Road Rage

53 months ago 246,249 5

I love how the dude in the car gets all angry, tries to start a fight, then...

Dad Drops Daughter AND Ball Play Video

Dad Drops Daughter AND Ball

53 months ago 165,183 4

This dude drops both his daughter and the ball in one smooth move. To compl...

Watchuwant? Play Video


53 months ago 175,935 873

Please allow me to preempt your question with another question: WATCHUWANT?...


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