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Lucky Recovery On Base Jump Play Video

Lucky Recovery On Base Jump

54 months ago 99,131 4

The last thing you want to see flash before your eyes before you jump off t...

My Social Tattoo Play Video

My Social Tattoo

54 months ago 157,273 5

This chick decided to tattoo 152 of her closest friends onto the side of he...

Reporter Drops F Bomb On-Air Play Video

Reporter Drops F Bomb On-Air

54 months ago 424,948 16

This reporter makes a big-time mistake in this story about teens finding jo...

Hippo Sprays Poop At Tourists Play Video

Hippo Sprays Poop At Tourists

54 months ago 183,827 28

This hippo uses his tail like a food processor as if the food hadn't alread...

Angry Voicemail From Customer Play Video

Angry Voicemail From Customer

54 months ago 78,137 852

The Alamo Theater has a simple rule they tell all customers multiple times ...

Designated Driver Play Video

Designated Driver

54 months ago 79,583 424

I still would rather be driving behind this car on the road than this ...

Bird Vs Turtle Play Video

Bird Vs Turtle

54 months ago 127,670 6

Mean little bird decides to pick on a poor turtle standing at the edge of a...


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