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Seals Kiss After Being Freed Play Video

Seals Kiss After Being Freed

54 months ago 105,581 562

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center released two seal pups at Laguna Beach on ...

High Bar Dismount Fail Play Video

High Bar Dismount Fail

54 months ago 78,302 179

Gymnast loses his grip on the high bar and flips out of control in the air ...

Trampoline Ramp Fail Play Video

Trampoline Ramp Fail

54 months ago 62,397 186

This little dude has trouble getting on top of his trampoline so he leans a...

Skateboarder Breaks Nose Play Video

Skateboarder Breaks Nose

54 months ago 100,813 344

Skateboarder comes down on the back of his board and sends it right at his ...

Watermelon Face Smash Play Video

Watermelon Face Smash

54 months ago 158,400 1

This kid fails at smashing a watermelon with his head on the first try but ...

Crazy Martial Arts Demo Play Video

Crazy Martial Arts Demo

54 months ago 325,864 152

These guys clearly opted not to go through years of training. Looking crazy...

Crane Smashes House Play Video

Crane Smashes House

54 months ago 122,963 40

Attempting to transport a large hot tub, a crane crashes through the roof o...

Insanely Strong 70 Year Old Play Video

Insanely Strong 70 Year Old

54 months ago 130,766 4

This old man makes you realize that you probably aren't reaching your full ...

Lioness Wants To Eat Baby Play Video

Lioness Wants To Eat Baby

54 months ago 238,494 2

A lioness tries desperately to get to a nearby baby. Normally, she has a ba...

Capoeira Battle Ends In Wall Play Video

Capoeira Battle Ends In Wall

54 months ago 186,451 1,468

Two shall enter; one shall wander away in a daze. The wall remains undefeat...


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