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Forging He-Man's Sword Play Video

Forging He-Man's Sword

45 months ago 21,238

We think everyone can agree that we all need one of these STAT.

  Insane Office Escape Part 2 Play Video

Insane Office Escape Part 2

45 months ago 29,443

Warning: Graphic action Consider us the first dude who got shot in t...

Happy St. Tazer’s Day Play Video

Happy St. Tazer’s Day

45 months ago 38,188

He really went out of his way to taze that guy. Good job, Officer.

Rubik’s Cube Solution Rap Play Video

Rubik’s Cube Solution Rap

45 months ago 19,862

This only works if some jerk didn’t take the stickers off and rearrange the...

The Diaper Pudding Prank Play Video

The Diaper Pudding Prank

45 months ago 56,376

Gotta wonder what he was hoping to accomplish by dry humping that window in...

Mad Cow Attack Play Video

Mad Cow Attack

45 months ago 40,804

Why were these guys filming a dead cow in the first place?

  Damn You O'Tocorrect! Play Video

Damn You O'Tocorrect!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here are 15 hilarious cell phone autocorrect...


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