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Kid Chugs 64oz of Gatorade Play Video

Kid Chugs 64oz of Gatorade 92 months ago

Not sure we have ever seen anyone chug 64oz of anything at one time. But t...

Live Stunt Goes Bad Play Video

Live Stunt Goes Bad 92 months ago

This guy was going to perform a stunt live for a local news channel and as ...

Extremely Flexible Girl Play Video

Extremely Flexible Girl 93 months ago

Wouldnt want to play twister with this extremely flexible girl...Wait, I ch...

Biker Faceplants Into Truck Play Video

Biker Faceplants Into Truck 93 months ago

Some dude goes cruising around a corner on his bike and rams head on into a...

The Sopranos In Seven Minutes Play Video

The Sopranos In Seven Minutes 93 months ago

I had no idea that The Sopranos returns this Sunday, but it does and in cas...

This Kid is Like Spiderman Play Video

This Kid is Like Spiderman 93 months ago

This guy Joey is seriously like Spiderman, he climbs up a wall in no time a...

Terminator Vs Robocop Play Video

Terminator Vs Robocop 93 months ago

Whoever created this mash up is very talented, he spliced together a bunch ...

Pelican Eats A Duck Play Video

Pelican Eats A Duck 93 months ago

This is crazy. Its a nice Saturday morning. All the birds are hangin out ...

Kid Faceplants Into Wall Play Video

Kid Faceplants Into Wall 93 months ago

Some kid tries to bounce off his bed onto one of those fitness balls and en...

Wonderbra Ad Malfunctions Play Video

Wonderbra Ad Malfunctions 93 months ago

Really clever ad for the Wonderbra or just a broken billboard?

Georgetown Hoyas 300 Remix Play Video

Georgetown Hoyas 300 Remix 93 months ago

From all of us who picked Georgetown to win it all here is a little Hoya Ma...

Girl In Lingerie Beats Up Guy Play Video

Girl In Lingerie Beats Up Guy 93 months ago

Usually when girls beat up guys it's not nearly this sexy. This vixen in re...



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