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2012 In Four Minutes Play Video

2012 In Four Minutes

46 months ago 60,910 144

An impressive and quick wrap-up of 2012. Do you remember all these things?

Paddle Boarder Vs Manatees Play Video

Paddle Boarder Vs Manatees

46 months ago 57,103 1

One of the most leisurely past times in the world just got a bit more excit...

  Russian Shovel Snow Ride Play Video

Russian Shovel Snow Ride

46 months ago 75,897 3

Doesn't look like Russia is losing the title of 'Most Crazy' anytime soon.

Workplace Turtle Harassment Play Video

Workplace Turtle Harassment

46 months ago 35,819 7

It’s annoying but it’s better than being molested by an octopus. Or, you k...

"Bad Sex" Play Video

"Bad Sex"

46 months ago 599,135 39

A different take on last night's encounter from the other side of the bed.....


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