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Operation Candy Strike Play Video

Operation Candy Strike

50 months ago 28,258 252

These awesome soldiers in the Middle East decide to do some humanitarian wo...

Amazing Baseball Trick Shots Play Video

Amazing Baseball Trick Shots

50 months ago 85,545 1

Connor Powers plays for the San Diego Padres organization. He also is prett...

Brothers Play Video


50 months ago 49,098 9

This guy won't let his brother's battle with muscular dystrophy get in thei...

Mother Tosses Baby Pig Play Video

Mother Tosses Baby Pig

50 months ago 49,066 2

This mother loves all of her children, except for maybe that one in the mid...

Skier Crashes Into Tree Play Video

Skier Crashes Into Tree

50 months ago 35,864 3

From the sounds this skier was making after the accident I was worried he r...

Joseph Kony - The Interview Play Video

Joseph Kony - The Interview

50 months ago 125,780 1,221

In the last 48 hours Joesph Kony has gone from a person 99% of the world wa...

Dog Has The Blues Play Video

Dog Has The Blues

50 months ago 45,325 48

This dog might not be the best musician, but you can feel its emotions.

If Bros Ran Hollywood Play Video

If Bros Ran Hollywood

50 months ago 21,055 1

Sometimes, movies have dialog that isn't exactly easy to understand or comp...

Coke Bottle Escapes Play Video

Coke Bottle Escapes

50 months ago 83,117 1

I love the look of disbelief on this guy's face as he watches the bottle sh...

World's Largest Slingshot Play Video

World's Largest Slingshot

50 months ago 38,328 1

I wonder what took longer, building the slingshot or making the basket.


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