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Batmanning Faceplant Play Video

Batmanning Faceplant

53 months ago 100,707 2

Just when you thought nothing could get any dumber than planking.

The Perfect Show And Tell Play Video

The Perfect Show And Tell

53 months ago 131,860 40

I guarantee not one hand will go up to volunteer for Show and Tell after th...

Herp Derp Reporter Can't Hear Play Video

Herp Derp Reporter Can't Hear

53 months ago 118,715 4

In her quest to get a regional Emmy for her reporting, this reporter forgot...

A Real Laser Cat Play Video

A Real Laser Cat

53 months ago 180,192 3

Animal of the day! Leopard's are majestic creatures. But did you know that ...

Steve Jobs' Best Quotes Play Video

Steve Jobs' Best Quotes

Love it or hate it, Apple products have changed your life. The man behind A...


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