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Elephant Scare Prank Play Video

Elephant Scare Prank

59 months ago 155,316 348

This elephant appears to actually hide behind some trees before charging ou...

Epic Animal Street Fight Play Video

Epic Animal Street Fight

59 months ago 466,896 172

Two birds and a black cat gang up and attack a white cat in an epic animal ...

November Fail Compilation Play Video

November Fail Compilation

59 months ago 309,052 5

Just in case you missed a few here is a collection of the best fails for th...

Train Station Pass In Slow-Mo Play Video

Train Station Pass In Slow-Mo

59 months ago 191,774 5

When you pass a train station at high speed and show that pass in slow-mo, ...

Thanksgiving Vomit Prank Play Video

Thanksgiving Vomit Prank

59 months ago 191,852 40

This kid tricks his mom into thinking that he's blown chunks all over her a...

Roller Derby Broken Nose Play Video

Roller Derby Broken Nose

59 months ago 125,304 1

This chick tries to jump over her teammate but gets her skate stuck and end...

Free Running Faceplant Play Video

Free Running Faceplant

59 months ago 133,843 434

This dude tries to land on the top of a pipe but completely misses the land...


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