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Subway Fail Stunt Play Video

Subway Fail Stunt

58 months ago 171,857 496

The chances of this girl remembering the night out tomorrow morning just we...

Knife Hand Demonstration Play Video

Knife Hand Demonstration

58 months ago 270,105 7

This guy successfully demonstrates on his older brother how to throw the kn...

Insane Pipe Music Skills Play Video

Insane Pipe Music Skills

58 months ago 376,212 47

It's hard not to be impressed by this dudes skills unless your a fat dude s...

Wedding Dance Move Fail Play Video

Wedding Dance Move Fail

58 months ago 143,091 571

I'm pretty sure they rehearsed this move before the dance. She had to have ...

Irate Black Man Calls Himself Play Video

Irate Black Man Calls Himself

58 months ago 136,684 16

Someone used a soundboard generated from a previous call to this quick-temp...

Squirming Alien Baby Play Video

Squirming Alien Baby

58 months ago 211,039 9

I get that babies sometimes kick but has anyone ever seen anything like thi...

Otter Bites Annoying Kid Play Video

Otter Bites Annoying Kid

58 months ago 142,997 524

I give the otter some credit, I would of attacked the annoying kid after th...

Pre-Race Showoff Fail Play Video

Pre-Race Showoff Fail

58 months ago 171,991 1

This dude starts dancing on top of his car before a race till he slips on t...

36 Awesome Tron Outfits Play Video

36 Awesome Tron Outfits

OK, so it took a couple decades, but that Tron outfit you created is finall...

Elephant Scare Prank Play Video

Elephant Scare Prank

58 months ago 155,316 348

This elephant appears to actually hide behind some trees before charging ou...


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