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Slingshot Prank Play Video

Slingshot Prank

68 months ago 133,149 79

This kid gets nailed by a slingshot from his older brother. If only they w...

Dumb Parasailing Team Injured Play Video

Dumb Parasailing Team Injured

68 months ago 101,166 61

Perhaps it's a little mean to say it, but they got what they deserved for b...

Break Gallery CCCXXXVI Play Video

Break Gallery CCCXXXVI

68 months ago 1 0

Break Gallery 336 offers some of humanities best and worst moments straight...

Worst Shopping Run Ever Play Video

Worst Shopping Run Ever

68 months ago 6,089,514 175

Yes, this guy is unbelievably hammered, but check out the date and time. Th...

Trampoline Master Shows Off Play Video

Trampoline Master Shows Off

68 months ago 292,199 1

This dude almost seems to defy physics as he shows off some insane trampoli...

Break Dancing Knock Out Play Video

Break Dancing Knock Out

68 months ago 235,640 2

I love how the one dude tries to call a time out at the end. You knocked y...


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