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Best Double Play Ever Play Video

Best Double Play Ever 72 months ago

This catcher is obviously on steroids, and should be banned for life.

Airbag To The Nuts Play Video

Airbag To The Nuts 72 months ago

If this was how passenger-side airbags worked, you could finally shut peopl...

Funny Street Fight Play Video

Funny Street Fight 72 months ago

This funny street fight is from the Calgary Stampede in 1991, a Canadian ro...

Most Awesome Pranks Volume 3 Play Video

Most Awesome Pranks Volume 3 72 months ago

People really brought their A game this April for the Break prank contest. ...

Break Gallery CCLXXXIX Play Video

Break Gallery CCLXXXIX 72 months ago

Break Gallery 289 is packed full of awesome and hilarious pics from all ove...

Huge Pothole Collapses Play Video

Huge Pothole Collapses 72 months ago

I have hit some pretty massive potholes before but nothing close to this on...

Fat Kid Can't Make Jump Play Video

Fat Kid Can't Make Jump 72 months ago

A group of three kids try to jump a creek but their fat friend doesn't have...

Rail To Faceplant Play Video

Rail To Faceplant 72 months ago

This dude fails riding a rail down a concrete staircase and lands face firs...

Two Super Quick MMA Knockouts Play Video

Two Super Quick MMA Knockouts 72 months ago

When they promoted two-for-one specials at this fight, they weren't talking...

Paintball Chuck Norris Mural Play Video

Paintball Chuck Norris Mural 72 months ago

Chuck Norris has to be violently rendered with paintballs. All other method...