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Dead Car Battery? Get A Rope! Play Video

Dead Car Battery? Get A Rope!

52 months ago 139,187 6

So this is why my mom always told me to keep a rope in the car. I always th...

Dog With Volume Control Play Video

Dog With Volume Control

52 months ago 108,764 4

Animal of the day! Congrats, your dog can sit when told to. Did you train i...

Old Man Makin' Whoopee Play Video

Old Man Makin' Whoopee

52 months ago 36,295 145

First, it's the name of the song. Second, this guy has... something about h...

Impressive Banana Trick Play Video

Impressive Banana Trick

52 months ago 560,573 1

She might struggle a little bit peeling the banana, but she sure makes up f...

Dog Fetches Deaf Dog Play Video

Dog Fetches Deaf Dog

52 months ago 118,126 3

Animal of the day! This awesome dog was trained to fetch his deaf friend wh...

Father Pranking Daughter Fail Play Video

Father Pranking Daughter Fail

52 months ago 142,058 3

Is this a scare fail? I think everyone should be scared of the possibility ...

Human Pyramid Disaster Play Video

Human Pyramid Disaster

52 months ago 87,015 1

It sucks to be the guy at the bottom of the pyramid except for times like t...

Drunk Man Dances to Fergie Play Video

Drunk Man Dances to Fergie

52 months ago 46,798 234

Sometimes, when we just want to dance. And most of those times occur when a...

Magical Clothes Play Video

Magical Clothes

52 months ago 130,280 1

We have no idea what this is. All we know is this guy owns magical clothes ...


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