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"Backin' Up" Remix Play Video

"Backin' Up" Remix

60 months ago 297,282 14

Her life is going to be changed forever. Now, every time this woman is invo...

Backflip Beer Catch Play Video

Backflip Beer Catch

60 months ago 223,224 34

Yes, folks, there are real superheroes out there. With this spectacular fea...

Pool Jump Fail Play Video

Pool Jump Fail

60 months ago 198,809 1

I guess technically he did land both feet on the other side of the pool but...

Farmer Blows Up Hay Bales Play Video

Farmer Blows Up Hay Bales

60 months ago 134,887 3

This old farmer puts eighteen sticks of dynamite in six bales of hay and bl...

25 Ridiculous Hipsters Play Video

25 Ridiculous Hipsters

Hipsters, scenesters, indie rockers- however you want to title them, we can...

Scott Weiland Falls Off Stage Play Video

Scott Weiland Falls Off Stage

60 months ago 68,089 198

Scott Weiland shuffled his way to the edge of the stage and fell into a hol...

Peeping Tom Cat Play Video

Peeping Tom Cat

60 months ago 154,215 1

I can haz restraining order?

Parkour Jump Splat Play Video

Parkour Jump Splat

60 months ago 138,992 1

Parkour fail. Not the guy who got owned, but his friends who failed to park...


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