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Bird Sings Dubstep Play Video

Bird Sings Dubstep

45 months ago 682,402 84

Don't worry. The ASPCA has been notified.

Dirty Birthday Cake Prank Play Video

Dirty Birthday Cake Prank

45 months ago 715,043 27

All of a sudden, her birthday made her think of years gone by.

12 Awesome Acts of Vandalism View Gallery

12 Awesome Acts of Vandalism

45 months ago 56,642 3

Vandalism has a bit of a bad rap, especially since it can sometimes improve...

Elimination: The First Step Play Video

Elimination: The First Step

45 months ago 63,181 4

If he's not the worlds leading authority on poop, he's at least number two.

12 Unfortunate Ad Placements View Gallery

12 Unfortunate Ad Placements

45 months ago 37,103 1

Usually no one pays attention to what ads go against what stories but somet...

GIFs Of The Week #2 Read Article

GIFs Of The Week #2

45 months ago 126,959 155

Its that time of the week again. We present to you some of our favorite GIF...

Party Fouls To Avoid View Gallery

Party Fouls To Avoid

45 months ago 91,943 3

Have some fun, but make sure not to make yourself look like a fool. But if ...


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