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Skateboard Backflip WIN Play Video

Skateboard Backflip WIN 30 months ago

This guy performed a pretty awesome stunt, then celebrated. A lot. Though, ...

TV Hates Girl's Lip Syncing Play Video

TV Hates Girl's Lip Syncing 30 months ago

This girl decides it'd be fun to lip sync to a Taylor Swift song. However, ...

Trike Drifting Play Video

Trike Drifting 30 months ago

This looks like it would be so friggin' cool to do! It's like a real life ...

Japan One Year Later Play Video

Japan One Year Later 30 months ago

After watching this clip, my faith in humanity has been fully restored.

Hot Head Play Video

Hot Head 30 months ago

For some reason this guy thinks people want him to light his hair on fire.