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Zipline Wedding Crash Play Video

Zipline Wedding Crash

53 months ago 130,976 5

Groom speeds down a zipline and crashes into his bride from behind. I guess...

Water Rocket To The Face Play Video

Water Rocket To The Face

53 months ago 95,757 71

If he'd taken a rocket to the face in the name of science, this would've be...

Russian "Oprah" Is Crazy Play Video

Russian "Oprah" Is Crazy

53 months ago 128,996 4

The audience for this Russian talk show goes absolutely insane. "And you ge...

Bird Won't Let Cat Sleep Play Video

Bird Won't Let Cat Sleep

53 months ago 499,858 42

Cat is pretty tolerant of this annoying bird. I was sure this was going to...

Lucky Driver In Green Van Play Video

Lucky Driver In Green Van

53 months ago 154,885 1

After these two buses collide at an intersection watch how lucky this drive...

Top Fireworks Fails Play Video

Top Fireworks Fails

Here are 13 classic fireworks fails because you can never get enough of a g...

China's Best Dance Crew Play Video

China's Best Dance Crew

53 months ago 262,443 108

China has over a billion people, all of whom are embarrassed by the dancing...


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