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Crazy Dog Bites Shark Play Video

Crazy Dog Bites Shark

53 months ago 213,447 2

A couple of dogs sneak up on a school of sharks and one of them bites the t...

Insane Car Accident With Deer Play Video

Insane Car Accident With Deer

53 months ago 302,550 39

Car hits a deer while driving over 55mph on the highway and launches it tow...

Fox 5 News Jet Pack Fail Play Video

Fox 5 News Jet Pack Fail

53 months ago 1,369,190 26

On Fox 5 News yesterday some dude in a water-powered jet pack mistakenly hi...

Roger Clemens News Blooper Play Video

Roger Clemens News Blooper

53 months ago 104,944 1

I got a kick out of how Michael Wolff handles this interview when he is int...

The Art Of Trolling Play Video

The Art Of Trolling

53 months ago 235,007 1

We are constantly asked 'what is trolling?'. For some reason it's not alwa...

2011 Emmy Nominations Play Video

2011 Emmy Nominations

The 2011 Emmy Nominations are in, and we've gone through it to bring you th...

Mom Does Spit Take On Kid Play Video

Mom Does Spit Take On Kid

53 months ago 70,128 380

This woman tries to get a kid to take medicine by taking it herself and acc...

Lazy Cat Scratches Butt Play Video

Lazy Cat Scratches Butt

53 months ago 160,614 8

I have to admit that I find this Asian cat's impression of an American to b...

Kid Resists Arrest At Walmart Play Video

Kid Resists Arrest At Walmart

53 months ago 227,406 2

This kid does hide behind mom for a little while but eventually gets tased ...

Cutest Argument Ever Play Video

Cutest Argument Ever

53 months ago 511,600 30

Favorite part is when the girl tells the boy 'you are bad!' and he responds...


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