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Chick Tapes Herself Play Video

Chick Tapes Herself

You can tell by the way she works the camera that this probably isn't the f...

Police Chase Flaming Bus Play Video

Police Chase Flaming Bus

60 months ago 107,036 2

Police chase this flaming, stolen bus for blocks. Newsflash, guys, you've g...

Geek And Gamer Girls Play Video

Geek And Gamer Girls

This music video parody proves Geek and Gamer Girls really do exist. Extra ...

Tanker Crashes Into Cop Car Play Video

Tanker Crashes Into Cop Car

60 months ago 241,938 12

This trucker careens into an already wrecked car and a cop car in this spec...

Weird Sleeping Cat Play Video

Weird Sleeping Cat

60 months ago 279,119 17

Not only does this cat sleep in a weird position but he does it on the edge...

Awesome Tubing Win Play Video

Awesome Tubing Win

60 months ago 413,484 698

Two guys water tubing flip off their tubes but one of them manages to turn ...

Blonde Chick's Zipline Fail Play Video

Blonde Chick's Zipline Fail

60 months ago 126,399 1

Instead of laughing, her father should show her some love. That's how you k...


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