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Freaky Hairless Kitten Play Video

Freaky Hairless Kitten

60 months ago 141,886 65

They got this freaky cat just in time for Halloween... and then eleven long...

Tourettes Guy Does Karaoke Play Video

Tourettes Guy Does Karaoke

60 months ago 283,911 21

This guy is actually a pretty decent singer and I think I like his lyrics b...

Three Faceplants On Same Jump Play Video

Three Faceplants On Same Jump

60 months ago 92,440 133

This dude decides to chicken out on his third attempt but the gods of fail ...

Rough Landing On Neck Play Video

Rough Landing On Neck

60 months ago 118,397 1

So much for that rule about not moving someone when you suspect a neck or ...

Gym Class Rope Swing Fail Play Video

Gym Class Rope Swing Fail

60 months ago 138,418 135

These two geniuses found a way to fail 'free time' in gym class. The good n...

How To Feed 100 Dogs At Once Play Video

How To Feed 100 Dogs At Once

60 months ago 231,884 13

After brief stints in craft services on Flava of Love and Rock of Love, thi...

Hacky Sack Cheap Shot Play Video

Hacky Sack Cheap Shot

60 months ago 120,594 210

This is why nobody plays hacky sack anymore. Their is always someone in th...

Hot Chick Pool Launch Fail Play Video

Hot Chick Pool Launch Fail

60 months ago 1,609,846 5

Girls usually get a headache before wrapping their legs around this ...

High Five Fail Play Video

High Five Fail

60 months ago 156,897 565

This would've gone from funny to awesome if he'd been going for the fist bu...

Stunning 500-LB IED Explosion Play Video

Stunning 500-LB IED Explosion

60 months ago 220,775 274

This is an astonishing explosion videotaped from a military caravan. Someon...


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