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Dumb Woman Driver Play Video

Dumb Woman Driver

50 months ago 90,109 1

Not only does this chick rear end the dude in front of her, but she steps o...

Car Dealership Freakout Play Video

Car Dealership Freakout

50 months ago 94,720 33,486

This is a customer that is not happy with his new car and even less happy a...

Frasier's Celebrity Callers Play Video

Frasier's Celebrity Callers

50 months ago 36,701 454

For those of you who were fans of the sitcom Frasier did you know that most...

Rally Car Fail Play Video

Rally Car Fail

50 months ago 58,194 134

That's what you get for bringing a Honda CRV to a rally car race.

Hilarious Skeleton Prank Play Video

Hilarious Skeleton Prank

50 months ago 106,979 8

This dude scares the hell out of people at the Park City Chill Motorcycle a...

Celebrity For A Day Play Video

Celebrity For A Day

50 months ago 47,563 788

Last weekend this guy conducted a social experiment at a popular mall in Vi...

Wheel Of Fortune Fail Play Video

Wheel Of Fortune Fail

50 months ago 73,662 35

This Aussie looks stunned to hear the audience surprised when he starts off...

New Texting Danger: Bears Play Video

New Texting Danger: Bears

50 months ago 85,905 2

We know how you are. You'll be texting with your head down, unaware of the ...

Your Dog Is A Jerk View Gallery

Your Dog Is A Jerk

50 months ago 7,249 1

Dogs are there to provide us comfort and love. But sometimes, instead of lo...


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