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Father Pranking Daughter Fail Play Video

Father Pranking Daughter Fail 33 months ago

Is this a scare fail? I think everyone should be scared of the possibility ...

Human Pyramid Disaster Play Video

Human Pyramid Disaster 33 months ago

It sucks to be the guy at the bottom of the pyramid except for times like t...

Drunk Man Dances to Fergie Play Video

Drunk Man Dances to Fergie 33 months ago

Sometimes, when we just want to dance. And most of those times occur when a...

Magical Clothes Play Video

Magical Clothes 33 months ago

We have no idea what this is. All we know is this guy owns magical clothes ...

Maze Reflex Test Play Video

Maze Reflex Test 33 months ago

Test your skills! How steady is your hand? Use the mouse to reach the goal ...

Awesome Russian Diving Skills Play Video

Awesome Russian Diving Skills 33 months ago

Before you feel jealous about these guys' amazing diving skills, you should...