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Ceiling Fan Mount Fail Play Video

Ceiling Fan Mount Fail

57 months ago 288,964 1,245

The light bulbs and fan blades may be in the wrong places, but this is so m...

Penguin Has Happy Feet Play Video

Penguin Has Happy Feet

57 months ago 169,461 9

One penguin. One FourLoko. One New Year's Eve he'll never forget.

Baby Hates Everything Play Video

Baby Hates Everything

57 months ago 292,019 26

We have seen a lot of cute little kids over the years. Had to laugh at thi...

Makeshift Ski Jump Plummet Play Video

Makeshift Ski Jump Plummet

58 months ago 131,296 222

There were so many things missing from this ski jump. In ascending order: a...

Kid's Bag Toss Accident Play Video

Kid's Bag Toss Accident

58 months ago 148,386 217

Life on the inside is already tough, and it's about to get worse since his ...

Bad Towing Fail Play Video

Bad Towing Fail

58 months ago 348,118 1

A driver takes a fast turn while towing his buddies car and slams them into...

Car Jump Fail Play Video

Car Jump Fail

58 months ago 177,988 35

No big surprise that the dude with a broken arm also fails trying to jump o...

Go Kart Stunt Ends Painfully Play Video

Go Kart Stunt Ends Painfully

58 months ago 148,370 2

The best professional stuntmen all know you don't do Go Kart stunts. It's j...


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