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Lunch Room Table Jump Fail Play Video

Lunch Room Table Jump Fail

52 months ago 184,863 3

Stanford just fell ten notches in the national college rankings just becaus...

Kitten vs. iPad Play Video

Kitten vs. iPad

52 months ago 112,052 4

Animal of the day! This cat is mesmerized and confused by an iPad. I'm not ...

Kid Launched Into Ceiling Fan Play Video

Kid Launched Into Ceiling Fan

52 months ago 158,788 540

Dad and Granddad team up to launch junior into a ceiling fan. I have seen ...

Spherical Flying Machine Play Video

Spherical Flying Machine

52 months ago 165,082 2

The Japan Ministry of Defense has created the world's first spherical flyin...

Crazy Biker Failed Stunt Play Video

Crazy Biker Failed Stunt

52 months ago 95,558 2

A CCTV camera catches a biker pulling off a couple stunts in a parking lot,...

A Haboob Comes to a Wedding Play Video

A Haboob Comes to a Wedding

52 months ago 90,045 385

You can plan all you want, but you can never plan for Mother Nature as this...

Engineering Dachshund Play Video

Engineering Dachshund

52 months ago 140,880 6

Animal of the day! While this is cute, we need to keep the repercussions in...


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