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Homemade Zipline Fail Play Video

Homemade Zipline Fail

62 months ago 151,282 299

Im retrospect this wasn't a great idea and the faulty handle probably shoul...

Lil B Gets Sucker Punched Play Video

Lil B Gets Sucker Punched

62 months ago 218,528 1

Lil B seems to be having a gentlemenly discussion in this video..well as ge...

25 Weird Family Photos Play Video

25 Weird Family Photos

Your family is normal only until another family sees your photos and posts ...

Brutal BMX Fence Jump Fail Play Video

Brutal BMX Fence Jump Fail

62 months ago 171,718 875

Can't decide whether the jump or the way he says 'Yes Call 911' is a bigger...

The Original Iron Man Play Video

The Original Iron Man

62 months ago 210,117 1

Tony Stark may get most of the credit but this is the original Iron Man.

Don't Stand On This Track Play Video

Don't Stand On This Track

62 months ago 148,586 99

This guy gets huge speed racing down a dry bobsled track in a roller sled a...

The Lowercase a-Team Play Video

The Lowercase a-Team

62 months ago 247,497 10

The Lowercase a-Team can help you with any problem, big or small... but the...

Ninja Warrior Training Fail Play Video

Ninja Warrior Training Fail

62 months ago 204,184 361

So apparently ninjas are excellent assassins unless there's a playground ne...


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