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Underwater Wheelchair Diving Play Video

Underwater Wheelchair Diving

47 months ago 27,440 13

This looks awesome and hopefully, this is something that is available for m...

Cosby Watches Cosby Play Video

Cosby Watches Cosby

47 months ago 28,154 58

The Cosby Show was one of the greatest shows on television, until the last ...

Meanwhile, in Russia... View Gallery

Meanwhile, in Russia...

47 months ago 7,463 5

Now that Pussy Riot is famous there's just so much more to appreciate about...

11 Creeping Spider Cars View Gallery

11 Creeping Spider Cars

47 months ago 3,805 2

Why do people like putting spider legs on cars? Who knows, it's just a thi...

Man vs. Escalator Play Video

Man vs. Escalator

47 months ago 64,116 1

In the epic and continuous battle between man and machine casualties will o...

Real Life Yogi Is A Dick Play Video

Real Life Yogi Is A Dick

47 months ago 69,917 1

Maybe when you go camping, you shouldn't leave food out in your car because...


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