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Mother Deer Destroys Dog Play Video

Mother Deer Destroys Dog

62 months ago 577,958 178

Of all the dog videos out there, this is one of my favorites. A mother deer...

Man Escapes Epic Truck Crash Play Video

Man Escapes Epic Truck Crash

62 months ago 116,864 334

A CCTV captured a man escaping an incapacitated driver crashing into the Tu...

Italian Player Goes Down Hard Play Video

Italian Player Goes Down Hard

62 months ago 270,690 203

This is a tough one. I can't tell if this Italian player is a bad actor lo...

Parents Set Kid Up To Fail Play Video

Parents Set Kid Up To Fail

62 months ago 464,182 1

This mother teaches her kid how to peddle a bike but skips the turning and ...

World's Worst Demo Guy Play Video

World's Worst Demo Guy

62 months ago 340,114 10

Not only does this guy push the side of a building into the middle of a bus...

25 Lucky Animals Play Video

25 Lucky Animals

We've all had bad luck with women. And here's 25 examples of when Animals g...

My Desk Is 8-Bit Play Video

My Desk Is 8-Bit

This is a pretty cool short that imagines an 8-Bit video game being played ...


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