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Basketball To The Face Play Video

Basketball To The Face 85 months ago

Some guy gets absolutely drilled in the face with a basketball. Thats gonna...

Baby Gives The Evil Eye Play Video

Baby Gives The Evil Eye 85 months ago

A cute little baby enjoying an ice cream cone can give the evil eye on comm...

Kid gets hit with ball Play Video

Kid gets hit with ball 85 months ago

Little kid gets hit in the head with a big red rubber ball. Check out the w...

Another Roundabout Wipeout Play Video

Another Roundabout Wipeout 85 months ago

Alright, this guy does go flying off the roundabout but I got to say those ...

Dairy Queen Hero Play Video

Dairy Queen Hero 85 months ago

The details in this video have been exaggerated. The truth of the story is...

Slingshot Santa Play Video

Slingshot Santa 85 months ago

Classic Christmas game. Use the mouse button to get the catapult moving and...

Hilarious Wii Accident Play Video

Hilarious Wii Accident 85 months ago

Want to know how to ruin Christmas with one quick swing of the wii baseball...

Sweet Subaru With Snow Tracks Play Video

Sweet Subaru With Snow Tracks 85 months ago

These guys have taken a very ordinary Subaru and have replaced the tires wi...

The King Strikes at Break Play Video

The King Strikes at Break 85 months ago

Burger King sent us a bunch of authentic BK King Masks to play around with....

Fat Kid Breaks Chair Play Video

Fat Kid Breaks Chair 85 months ago

These guys rig a chair and trick their buddy into sitting down on it.

MY wife'sspecial surprise! Play Video

MY wife'sspecial surprise! 85 months ago

This guy asks his wife to come into the bathroom to check out a possible pr...

Massive Bike Pile Up Play Video

Massive Bike Pile Up 85 months ago

For some reason thirteen of the seventeen bikers in this race never learned...

Another Scooter Roundabout Play Video

Another Scooter Roundabout 85 months ago

These guys try that stunt that sent those two chicks sailing earlier this y...