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NFL Match-Up: Week One View Gallery

NFL Match-Up: Week One

47 months ago 6,834 41,565

Why limit the fun to college girls? Now it's the NFL's turn to battle it ou...

Lady Loses Her Mind In NYC Play Video

Lady Loses Her Mind In NYC

47 months ago 128,376 2

We don't know what she is on or what happened, but she is apparently super ...

Don't Pick On The Fat Kid Play Video

Don't Pick On The Fat Kid

47 months ago 179,889 2

This dude just learned the hard way why you shouldn't pick on people for be...

S#!& Apple Fanatics Say Play Video

S#!& Apple Fanatics Say

47 months ago 120,268 638

With the iPhone 5 official announcement coming on September 12th be prepare...

Bubble Butt Flip Cup Trick Play Video

Bubble Butt Flip Cup Trick

47 months ago 292,401 23

This girl's talent is all of ours to enjoy. Except her father. He's probabl...

Girls Are Liars Play Video

Girls Are Liars

47 months ago 147,328 4

Jenna Marbles shows everyone how pretty much everything a girl says is a co...


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