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Dog Takes A Hit Like A Boss Play Video

Dog Takes A Hit Like A Boss

52 months ago 90,419 1

This is one hell of a tough dog. It gets run over by a compact car, is slo...

Shortest Police Chase Ever Play Video

Shortest Police Chase Ever

52 months ago 236,503 9

This biker discovers the easiest way to avoid a ticket is to just leave.

Turtle Bangs Squeeze Toy Play Video

Turtle Bangs Squeeze Toy

52 months ago 89,428 112

No need to rush, turtle. Slow and steady always wins in the long run.

Dog Stands Guard Like A Boss Play Video

Dog Stands Guard Like A Boss

52 months ago 189,804 1

This dog was told to stand guard at the gate's entrance and this dog takes ...

Crazy Double Scooter Crash Play Video

Crazy Double Scooter Crash

52 months ago 177,673 2

A woman opens her car door, sending one scooter crashing into another. Righ...

Golf Cart Planking Accident Play Video

Golf Cart Planking Accident

52 months ago 103,957 1

It appears nature is attempting to accelerate the pace at which it eliminat...

Sports Win Compiliation Play Video

Sports Win Compiliation

52 months ago 63,290 156

Awesome compilation of some of the best wins in sports from the first half ...


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