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This Dog Shows it All Play Video

This Dog Shows it All

51 months ago 208,423 5

You'll watch this video and laugh. Then, you'll spend hours trying to figur...

Hilarious False Start Play Video

Hilarious False Start

51 months ago 182,941 308

Watch how hard the #4 runner struggles to keep from getting a false start c...

Wannabe Acrobat Wipes Out Play Video

Wannabe Acrobat Wipes Out

51 months ago 88,341 1

I am 100% certain that breaking this dude's fall is the first time any of t...

Deer Breaks Into Taco Mac Play Video

Deer Breaks Into Taco Mac

51 months ago 74,792 354

He was just turned away from the drive-thru window, so he decided to go thr...

Evolved Cat Play Video

Evolved Cat

51 months ago 269,853 8

Animal of the day! You know in "2001: A Space Odyssey," where the ape disco...

Spooked Cat Goes Airborne Play Video

Spooked Cat Goes Airborne

51 months ago 148,312 17

This cat gets so much air it looks fake. It would be like walking out to y...

The Back Pocket Rocket Prank Play Video

The Back Pocket Rocket Prank

51 months ago 89,788 5

These guys turn their friend's butt into a Roman Candleabra. As with every ...


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