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Awesome Game Winning Goal Play Video

Awesome Game Winning Goal

47 months ago 419,966 109

This will probably be the first time you see someone score a game winning g...

14 Animals Destroying Cars View Gallery

14 Animals Destroying Cars

47 months ago 8,903 7

Nature hates us and will stop at nothing to see us suffer as evidenced by k...

11 Completely Ridiculous Signs View Gallery

11 Completely Ridiculous Signs

47 months ago 30,912 41,265

There once was a time when signs were used to convey necessary information....

The Beauty Of Extreme Sports Play Video

The Beauty Of Extreme Sports

47 months ago 190,036 36

Perfectly edited compilation capturing some of the most intense moments in ...

Girl Shuffling Dance Fail Play Video

Girl Shuffling Dance Fail

47 months ago 371,559 159

She was hoping to drop a little weight by dancing and it looks like she did...


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