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Most Wasted Driver Ever Play Video

Most Wasted Driver Ever

54 months ago 334,163 6

How many faceplants must you make before you realize you're not OK? This gu...

Rock Wall Parkour Nutshot Play Video

Rock Wall Parkour Nutshot

54 months ago 136,309 3,116

This is a brutal looking nutshot but the best part is what the dude says af...

Tin Foil Bedroom Prank Play Video

Tin Foil Bedroom Prank

The Playstation Network goes down. The tin foil goes up. Congratulations to...

Swimming Pool Toss-In Fail Play Video

Swimming Pool Toss-In Fail

54 months ago 176,415 3

Not only do these guys fail to clear the edge of the pool when they throw t...

Scary Mask Prank Play Video

Scary Mask Prank

This is a new twist on the classic "Come check this thing out on my compute...

Las Vegas Rail Slide Fail Play Video

Las Vegas Rail Slide Fail

54 months ago 109,231 242

This guy broke a couple ribs sliding down a rail in Vegas. Man, every idea ...

Scared Elephant Rider Play Video

Scared Elephant Rider

54 months ago 121,383 62

You would think if you get this terrified of elephants you wouldn't take a ...

How Not To Stack Beer Play Video

How Not To Stack Beer

54 months ago 147,204 1,489

I think it's safe to assume the forklift operator is a big fan of his compa...


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