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Restoring An Old Hatchet Play Video

Restoring An Old Hatchet

38 months ago 25,434 16

Something about watching a true craftsman work is mesmerizing.

Insane Frisbee Catch Play Video

Insane Frisbee Catch

38 months ago 24,107 11

Was this a more incredible Ultimate Frisbee catch than ...

Homeless Jackpot Prank Play Video

Homeless Jackpot Prank

38 months ago 32,966 29

Our buddy Roman Atwood decided to go out and be a good Samaritan.

The Daily Wrap: July 18th Read Article

The Daily Wrap: July 18th

38 months ago 31,616 11

Satan fights Westboro, Jimmy Carter fights America and aliens may be fighti...

The Unified Pixar Film Theory Read Article

The Unified Pixar Film Theory

38 months ago 34,821 29

All of Pixar's movies combine to tell one epic story, according to this the...


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