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And Then Psy Showed Up View Gallery

And Then Psy Showed Up

41 months ago 2,142 41,265

By now you've heard of and are terribly sick of Gangnam Style. Lucky for y...

Logging Off Russian Style Play Video

Logging Off Russian Style

41 months ago 26,477 2

Oh no, a truck just flipped over and smashed at least two people. Better c...

Bang Bus 2.0: The Muck Truck Play Video

Bang Bus 2.0: The Muck Truck

41 months ago 26,831 40

Same thing happened to Luke Skywalker in Dagobah, so don’t worry. Yoda wi...

When Idiots Get Punched Play Video

When Idiots Get Punched

41 months ago 109,730 5

We can only assume somehow, in some way, this dude thought this would get h...

When Photoshop Goes Bad View Gallery

When Photoshop Goes Bad

41 months ago 23,493 5

Photoshop is a remarkably useful and versatile tool. Unfortunately it's al...

Break PSA: Used Condoms Play Video

Break PSA: Used Condoms

41 months ago 32,343 1

We understand wanting to save a few dollars, but watch this PSA and learn w...


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